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Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. (Anthony J. D’Angelo)

I’m quickly sending a few documents to my publisher before leaving for writer’s group when I glance outside. Huh? Snow? Was this in today’s weather forecast?

Before long I realize today is going to be a plot-switch experience. I’m not really feeling top-notch anyway, and several other group members won’t be able to make it. Roads are closed in an eastern area of town.

One writer friend calls me to say her family members warned her about slick roads in a section close to me. They canceled travel plans for today. She doesn’t want me to risk the forty-five-minute drive. I appreciate her compassionate call.

Okay, we’ll plan for another gathering next month. The group member I asked this morning to take over for me as facilitator, cancels the gathering for this month. Mother Nature has preempted our show.

Within an hour, the temperature moves above freezing. Our street is wet, not white. I’m ready to move in typical Terry frenzy—but then, I pause. Maybe I’ll slow down instead. My husband, Jay, points out an article I need to read. C’mon Get Hygge: Unlocking Denmark’s Secret to Happiness by Lisa Tolin.

Hygge, pronounce hoo-ga, refers to a conscious kind of coziness. The Danes pay high taxes, but these funds are used for the people’s welfare. Cold weather rules their world, yet, through hygge, they seek the good in what they have. Hygge is not isolation; it is social celebration, simple and natural. Life is okay as it is.

Okay, utopia doesn’t exist. Denmark has its problems, too. Negative thinking and its many cousins exist everywhere. Look for them if you choose.

I struggle, like everyone else does. The bluebird of happiness is an illusion. For today I savor a few hours with a husband who loves me—and I love him. I choose to look at that gift and let the gray exist since I can’t change it anyway.

Peace upon all.  


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