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Nearly all the best things that came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me. (Carl Sandburg)

I like to cook and prefer baking from scratch. If I don’t know what the chemical ingredients are on the side of the box, chances are I don’t want anyone to swallow them. However, Memorial Day weekend didn’t give me enough hours to make a dessert for a family celebration. I picked a mix that didn’t have a what’s-inside list long enough to fill a full-length hard-bound chemistry text.

A new neighbor moved in on our street. I also wanted to bake a loaf of sweet bread for her. A welcome-to-the-neighborhood gift. But the time for that baking didn’t appear either.

Finally, a few hours open. I find an Internet recipe for blueberry bread. (I change every recipe just a little, part whole wheat maybe, and olive oil, but the link connects to the directions.) My flour bin looks nearly empty, but an unopened bag waits in the cupboard. First however, I decide to listen to a message on the recorder. A toll-free number. And I have no idea why I decide to clear the flashing red button now. The light does not interfere with measuring cups, blueberries, or cooking time. I expect the voice to tell me I’m getting a free medical alert system—all previous calls for this offer have been deleted.

Perhaps, I read some divine-intervention sign because the robo-call is from our local grocery store chain. The introduction begins with the usual, perky “hold on for an important message” and background music.

The deep voice advises that the store’s records indicate I may have purchased a bag of Gold Medal flour containing e-coli. The made-for-advertising voice continues with the package sizes and suggests a website.

Okay! Yeah, guess what, oven? You get a break today. At least until after a trip to the store for a refund. I’d planned to purchase an organic brand the next time anyway.    

As I read further, the recall seems to be overcautious. Most of the illness came from a few people who ate raw dough. Connection unverified. It’s the usual American hype. I am grateful for the caution. However, larger problems continue.

Yes, contaminants can appear in and on food. Monsanto has been accused of causing enormous harm according to multiple scientific studies; money and power protect the company. Another blog could develop from this one on that issue. I hope it does—on another page. Through many bloggers. For now, I look at serendipitous timing. And the learning that came during that process.

I have a friend who refers to certain unexplained well-timed moments as god-incidences instead of coincidences. She may have a point—especially when the moment continues into deeper thought. And greater awareness.

what is left of the blueberry loaf I made for Jay and me

blueberry bread

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