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History is a nightmare from which I’m trying to wake. (James Joyce)

Four migraine episodes in two days—that has not happened to me in a long time. Mother Nature has not had any severe mood changes in the Midwest. It has been cool and then warm, but the differences haven’t been wildly dramatic. I can’t blame barometric pressure.

My husband has been healing steadily; my back has had more good days than bad. So, what is causing all this? I am not certain, but the constant barrage of ugliness in the election news could be seeping inside my being more than I think it has.

I have been choosing small acts of kindness as much as possible. No need to delineate these events. They are easy to define, a simple concept. A cleansing tactic to make the world better, one person at a time. Not as a slogan, as a reality.

The current political situation in the United States isn’t as simply explained. To people in other countries I would like to say that not all citizens are bigots who want to build a wall against another people. Not everyone supports bigoted screams. Misogynists. Bullies.  

Not everyone sees all or nothing in any one issue, or in any one person. I don’t need to mention a name. That name is too obvious and too over-spoken. And yet, the connection comes with candidacy for president of this country.

I pray not to be afraid. To breathe in to a count of five and out to a count of ten. This blog is not a political forum. I hope never to need to post another page with the same topic. I choose to hate no one, no matter what belief that individual holds—no matter how little I understand it.

I wish all a deep and inclusive peace.



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