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If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction. (Martin Kornfeld)

At water aerobics, I decide not to use water weights, even a lighter set. Yes, physical therapy has brought enormous improvement. However, I feel twinges, minor muscle pulls warning more pain, and decide to stop while I’m ahead. I’ll do the exercises my therapist gave me later, with deep breaths, seeing all as well—even if that wellness only lasts until the next news broadcast.

Another member of the class asks if I want a set of weights. I tell her why I’m abstaining today. She is relatively new to the class, and exudes a gentle friendliness. When we meet, we smile at one another as if we’ve been friends for years.

“I’ll pray for you,” she says.

I’m surprised by her response. After all, I am basically okay, almost-there recovery-wise. Yet, she offers concern on a spiritual level. A blessed presence.

“Thanks,” I respond. “That means a lot to me.”

Later, dinner has ended and dishes are washed, although there are other chores that swim through my head as the wash machine heads toward a final spin. I work on manuscript edits. I wonder if my head is moving faster than the whirl in the basement.

Then I hear a soft ping on my laptop. A message. From Cecelia, my almost-daughter-in-law. How are you? The chores will wait. She genuinely cares. Perhaps we will chat for only a few minutes. Then again, we may converse for an hour. It has happened before.

The everyday has been interrupted by another everyday experience—a simple reaching out, an act of love.

The state of the world has not changed. The state of the moment has. May this moment weave beauty into the next, with enough strength to defy the ugliness. May I work toward peace and not return hate with any of hate’s relatives, subtle or blatant.



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