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If God had intended us to follow recipes,
He wouldn’t have given us grandmothers.
(Linda Henley)

Sure when Kate demonstrated a cheerleader move I responded with a mighty high kick for a woman my age—right there on the sidewalk at a local shopping mall. Sophistication has never suited me. Of course it is unlikely I would have done it alone or with adult company, but this entry is not about either cheer leading or limber movements. It concerns creativity in the face of limitations.

I have asthma currently controlled with medication. Unfortunately the drugs have side effects. My hands tremble, especially after morning dosing. This doesn’t stop me. I play guitar, do calligraphy, and paint delicate glassware and children’s wear. But baking a custard pie means a spill in the oven and a shrill response from the smoke alarm.

Custard pie is one of my husband’s favorite desserts. It is also one of our best friend’s favorites. We are celebrating his birthday today, and I need to find a way to bake one without calling on the wrath of our ultra-sensitive battery-operated friend. I’ve tried the little-at-a-time trick and the pour-while-on-the-rack ploy. Both resulted in enough smoke to cure a ham.

I have an idea, and hope it will work. I call it bowl pie, made the same way I make any other custard pie, and it is relatively simple.) I figure the mixture will be easier to pour into a bowl without spilling. I make my crust in an oven-safe bowl, then press it against the side. While that warms in a 350 degree oven I heat two cups of skim milk and one-half cup sugar in a pot just enough to steam. Then, I whisk in four eggs and a teaspoon of vanilla, add nutmeg to taste, pour into the prepared bowl and bake. (Heating both crust and filling keeps the bottom from getting soggy.) Bake for about an hour.

Since the custard pie doesn’t come to the top, I add a can of apples mixed with fresh blueberries for color when the bowl pie is done. Cherries would also work. The only problem with this dessert is that it is difficult to cut small pieces.

My guests don’t see that as much of a problem. The scale tomorrow however, could have a different point of view. This isn’t something I plan to prepare every day, however. I mean, I’d like to continue kicking, literally and figuratively, with my grandchildren a bit longer. Don’t care how peculiar it looks to folks who pass by.

Sorry there is no picture of the pie. There isn’t enough left to photograph.

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