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I dwell in possibility… (Emily Dickinson)

As I sweep the kitchen floor my head sweeps through thoughts about something tinier than dust particles. The article I am reading in National Geographic says an ape’s DNA is 99% the same as a human being’s DNA. And the pages expand into names for genes. Specific numbers. Symbols for magnificent, infinitesimal differences.

And possibilities.

The facts debunk the notion that race is any more significant than skin color. I live in an integrated community. Move? Not after 43 years. With neighbors willing to help my husband and me, obviously older folks. What shade is their skin? Anywhere from peach to ebony.

A wave across the street. A hug. Come by for coffee. My husband may offer a beer. If only I could transport the experience to other parts of this country. Sometimes I don’t realize how blessed I am.

Do I see their different colors? Of course. The same way I see the color of the tulips before the deer eat them, the variations of color inside my husband’s favorite Columbine in spring. Depths both inside and outside.

Possibilities? There are many.

I vote for peace.

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History is a nightmare from which I’m trying to wake. (James Joyce)

Four migraine episodes in two days—that has not happened to me in a long time. Mother Nature has not had any severe mood changes in the Midwest. It has been cool and then warm, but the differences haven’t been wildly dramatic. I can’t blame barometric pressure.

My husband has been healing steadily; my back has had more good days than bad. So, what is causing all this? I am not certain, but the constant barrage of ugliness in the election news could be seeping inside my being more than I think it has.

I have been choosing small acts of kindness as much as possible. No need to delineate these events. They are easy to define, a simple concept. A cleansing tactic to make the world better, one person at a time. Not as a slogan, as a reality.

The current political situation in the United States isn’t as simply explained. To people in other countries I would like to say that not all citizens are bigots who want to build a wall against another people. Not everyone supports bigoted screams. Misogynists. Bullies.  

Not everyone sees all or nothing in any one issue, or in any one person. I don’t need to mention a name. That name is too obvious and too over-spoken. And yet, the connection comes with candidacy for president of this country.

I pray not to be afraid. To breathe in to a count of five and out to a count of ten. This blog is not a political forum. I hope never to need to post another page with the same topic. I choose to hate no one, no matter what belief that individual holds—no matter how little I understand it.

I wish all a deep and inclusive peace.



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